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Nature of Reality
"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill; the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill; you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." Morpheus, The Matrix

Much of what should have been your inheritance has been deliberately stolen from you, it has gotten so unbelievably bad that the vast majority of humanity, people, now consider themselves to be thinking pieces of meat, when the reality is very, very different. The sick belief in materialism, that this stuff called matter exists independent of consciousness, that consciousness is produced by the brain, that this panpsychism philosophy implies that even atoms are conscious, nonsense all of it, and it all has to go, if we want to still have a planet some decades from now. Mark Passio, about five videos down, explains how "they" managed to hide the truth from you for so long. So, it may be time for you to wake up to your true nature... as for me, I have seen the spark of pure divinity, as Bob calls it in the video below, I have seen it twice. It was difficult enough to understand it the first time but when it happened again 18 years later, my sense of reality was shattered to the point of triggering an intense quest for self-discovery, I did take the red pill in early August 2012, and that was almost five years ago... the top 16 videos in this page outline the journey. Adam Giannopoulos, May 10th, 2017.

Most Influential Individuals Along the Way
The following four individuals were the most influential in my journey, there are many more, you should perhaps skip this section for now, you can always come back here for further research if you decide the subject matter is of interest to you. Skip this section, and go to the first video below.

Tom Campbell
Intro to Tom from a Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview in 2014: "In February of 2003, Tom published the My Big TOE trilogy (MBT) which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence. This overarching model of reality, mind, and consciousness explains the paranormal as well as the normal, places spirituality within a scientific context, solves a host of scientific paradoxes and provides direction for those wishing to personally experience an expanded awareness of All That Is. The MBT reality model explains metaphysics, spirituality, love, and human purpose at the most fundamental level, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and solves the outstanding fundamental physics problems of our time, deriving both relativity theory and quantum mechanics from first principles – something traditional physics cannot yet do. As a logic-based work of science, My Big TOE has no basis in belief, dogma, or any unusual assumptions."

My Big TOE – The Complete Trilogy(printed version), My Big TOE – Free version on Google Books, Tom’s website: my-big-toe.com, over 400 videos at Tom’s YouTube channel

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Edward Fredkin's page: http://www.digitalphilosophy.org, Brian Whitworth's http://brianwhitworth.com/, Whitworth's "The Emergence of the Physical World from Information Processing": http://brianwhitworth.com/BW-VRT1.pdf, Whitworth's "The Light of Existence": http://brianwhitworth.com/BW-VRT3.pdf, Nick Bostrom's "Are you Living in a Computer Simulation?": http://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.html Other critics of string theory: Lee Smolin http://www.thetroublewithphysics.com/,
Peter Woit http://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/wordpress/

Ruppert Spira
Intro to Ruppert from a Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview in 2014: "From an early age Rupert Spira was deeply interested in the nature of reality. At the age of seventeen he learnt to meditate, and began a twenty-year period of study and practice in the classical Advaita Vedanta tradition under the guidance of Dr. Francis Roles and Shantananda Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of the north of India. During this time he immersed himself in the teachings of P. D. Ouspensky, Krishnamurti, Rumi, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Robert Adams, until he met his teacher, Francis Lucille, in 1997. Francis introduced Rupert to the Direct Path teachings of Atmananda Krishnamenon, the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism (which he had received from his teacher, Jean Klein), and, more importantly, directly indicated to him the true nature of experience. Rupert lives in the UK and holds regular meetings and retreats in Europe and the USA.

His two books, The Transparency of Things, (sub-titled Contemplating the Nature of Experience), and Presence, in two volumes (The Art of Peace and Happiness and The Intimacy of All Experience), are a profound exploration of the non-dual nature of experience. Rupert’s YouTube Channel. Interviews can be listened to here and watched here.

For all further information see http://www.rupertspira.com, Interview recorded 10/25/014 at the Science and Nonduality Conference, 1st BatGap interview with Rupert

Peter Russell

Intro to Peter from a Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview in 2014: "Peter holds degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge, England, where he was a student of Stephen Hawking. Following university he went to India, to study meditation and Eastern philosophy. In the 1970s, he pioneered the introduction of personal growth programs to corporations, running courses for senior management on creativity, stress management and sustainable development. He coined the term “global brain” with his 1980s bestseller of the same name in which he predicted the Internet and the impact it would have on humanity. His other books, which include Waking Up in Time: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change, and From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness, and his visual presentations and videos have won international acclaim and awards. Peter’s work integrates Eastern and Western understandings of the mind, exploring their relevance to the world today and to humanity’s future.

Robert Wolfe
Intro to Robert from a Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview in 2011: More than twenty years ago, my (second) wife and I divorced, after ten years of marriage. We both had, originally, looked forward to our years ahead with each other, and had planned for a comfortable retirement. I was in my early forties when we married, and I focused my attention on a career (as an insurance agent) so that we might further our goals. In so doing, I put aside what had been a primary interest prior to my marriage and this career: the “spiritual pursuit”, for enlightenment.

After we divorced, I recognized that I had some unfinished business: it revolved around “the meaning of life”, which is at the bottom of the spiritual pursuit—to which I returned.

As soon as our house was sold, I took my share of the equity and bought a fully-equipped camper van. I parked it on the property of an absentee friend in the redwood forest, near where I had been living in Northern California. I lived there in virtual solitude: reading, contemplating, taking walks for hours in the forest. At the end of three years, something suddenly fell into place. The spiritual quest resolutely came to an end. I discovered the actuality which is inescapable.

The inseparability of all things, which has been referred to persistently by mystic sages for 3,500 years of our written history, is commonly spoken of as “oneness” (or Oneness). There is an aspect of this oneness which is rather apparent to most any attentive mind. But the aspect which seems to give many of us some difficulty has to do with our personal, individual relationship to this oneness. This latter aspect is the matter which had now become clarified for me.

It was not that something was added to my fund of knowledge; it was that I saw the truth in what was already actually present but which had been overlooked or ignored. The situation is similar to one of those “optical illusions,” which you have probably encountered: what appears to be, say, a black candlestick and its holder is displayed against a white background. But in addition to this apparent picture is a picture which is not so apparent; if the white portion is viewed as the foreground and the black, candlestick portion seen to be its background, an entirely different picture emerges: the outline of two matching profiles whose noses nearly touch.

My relationship to the whole of existence was now revealed in a radically different light. If you were to view a fish in an aquarium, for instance, directly head on, what you would perceive would be remarkably different from what you would perceive if you were to shift your perspective so as to observe it broadsided. It would not be a different fish than it had been—and nothing would have been added to it—but your perception of it would now be thoroughly different.

This radical, and sudden, shift in perspective was received like good news by me. Where before there had been confusion and perplexity concerning the relationship of the individual to the whole of existence, now there was a calming clarity. There was a profound resolution of the uneasy questing which had punctuated my prior years, a resolution which was not transitory because it has not since been apart from my general awareness.

I hoped to share the good news, particularly with those whom I knew to have quested concurrently with myself. I knew, from my own experience, that a certain element of this unitive understanding is communicable from one mind to another; the analogy is sometimes given of a flame leaping from one torch to another torch. Probably a more apt analogy is that of a center-fielder making a throw to home plate: if the catcher is not fully attentive, there is nothing within the center-fielder’s power which will complete the transmission. But the fact that the transmission may rarely be received is not a reason for inaction.

There is a certain reasonableness, or even “logic”, to the unitive understanding—up to a point. However, in the case of this uncommon understanding, there is a point beyond which logical progression will not take you. At that point, only an intuitive connection can be made. However, once the tumblers have fallen into place, it matters not that a hairpin replaced a key.

For the past fifteen years, I have conducted a considerable number of discussions (both individually and in groups) with persons who indicated their interest in resolving—and in recognizing that they had resolved—what has been called the perennial question. I have carefully observed the junctures at which their confusion compounded. I have also observed that for a few individuals there was no point at which their confusion was not surmounted, to their satisfaction.

The essence of the unitive understanding is that it is liberating; the marvel of the unitive understanding is that it is basically effortless. Its liberation is a consequence of the non-attachment it engenders. This is not a detaching of piece from piece, item by item. It is an across-the-board release of attachment, which even includes non-attachment to the continuity of one’s life. This dispelling of attachment is, in the same moment, the dispelling of correlated fear—and that is dynamic liberation.

And, so, it is not that one first removes fear; removes attachments; and then the unitive revelation falls into place: it is that the latter is coincident with the former. This is the true marvel of the unitive realization, the effortlessness of the deconstruction.

Robert’s website.


Learn who or what you really are, now!
This page now assumes you took the red pill, so here is Bob Dean, he chased UFOs for a good part of his life, but he did manage to finally wake up in his 70s. You should watch the whole video later, for now the first few seconds will do, starting at 5:09 he says: "There is no death ... everyone is a spark of pure divinity".

...what we have so far, if you watched the whole clip is: "There is no death", "Everyone is a spark of pure divinity", "There is a God"...time for a little something about the true purpose or the true goal of your life... what might that be...

...so the true goal of life is to find happiness and the direct path can be a shortcut, meditation no longer required, so are you aware that you're aware?...

...and more on the same subject...

...and some more...

So, how did they pull it off?
They pulled it off because they know Natural Law, and you probably don't. If you do, then skip this section. Natural Law, what they've been hiding from humanity for many centuries, the Hermetic Principles, right vs wrong, and much, much more. Spend the time and watch all three parts, requires a time investment of about 9 hours, no effort; no knowledge. Four videos in the playlist below, playlist includes the seminar introduction video, more at Mark's website here: Mark Passio's website.

...long videos, who has time for that? Well, this one runs for only about 8 minutes: The Philosophy of Liberty...

Support Info

...plenty of knowledge in above videos but you know, they are still looking for this stuff called matter over at CERN... surely they will let us know when they do find matter...

...but you've been programmed since birth to be a materialist at heart and believe consciousness is produced by the brain... and maybe your memories are in your head...

...no, consciousness is not produced by the brain... and your memories are not in your head...

...so we are fortunate to be living in a time when our basic understanding of reality and of who and what we are is about to make a dramatic and unprecedented change...

...what unprecedented change? some of us have known for millenia...

...sure, all this consciousness stuff is fine and dandy, but where is the scientific proof? They've known about this for almost 100 years, they have been doing the same experiment since the early 20s, the results are always the same, you think they would have mentioned it sometime through your "education", but most people still don't have a clue. A physicist should know... again, no effort; no knowledge. Part one is sampled below, Tom Campbell's Spain Lecture: Consciousness The Ultimate Reality 1 of 13, real fun starts at 38:50

...and John Archibald Wheeler's thought experiment, the delayed choice quantum eraser version, no longer a thought experiment...

...so you have been indoctrinated since birth... the following two videos have TMI, The Monroe Institute in common... and TMI was founded by Bob Monroe decades ago, but that happened after he had a spontaneous OBE, Out of Body Experience, so here is Bill... Wake up!!!

...and here is Tom... Wake up!!!

Plenty of rabbit holes below, just put your tin foil hat on...

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